Girls Way - Aidra Fox, Jill Kassidy Birthday Surprise Girls Way - Aidra Fox, Jill Kassidy Birthday Surprise

Aidra Fox, a sexy teacher, is busy grading papers at home when there s a knock on the door. Happy for the interruption, she answers the door with a smile. Jill Kassidy, wearing a big bow in her hair and holding a cupcake, greets Aidra with a big smile of her own. Aidra is pleased but curious what Jill is doing on her doorstep. Jill presents her with the cupcake, announcing that she just wanted to bring a birthday cupcake to her favorite teacher! Aidra is touched that a student remembered her birthday... although she doesn t remember ever telling her students when her birthday is! Jill admits that she MAY HAVE checked out Aidra s social media sites and found out her birthday that way... Aidra s face drops a little. Sure, some of her social media posts are pretty innocent and boring, but others... Jill grins at Aidra s expression, admitting that, yes, she knows about THOSE posts, too! Aidra doesn t get a chance to respond, interrupted by a phone call. She s thankful as she hurries back to her desk and answers the phone, taking the call from her boss. He s just calling to check in about the curriculum she has outlined for the next semester. Aidra sits down and goes over it with him, although Jill takes this opportunity to dive between her teacher s legs and tease her pussy. Aidra is surprised but doesn t resist too much when Jill massages her pussy before enthusiastically eating her out. This has never happened before but Aidra wants more! As Jill works her tight pussy with her tongue and fingers, Aidra tries her best to have a normal phone conversation with her boss, but is unable to bite back her moans and whimpers of pleasure. Afraid of getting caught, she tells the principal she has to go, but Jill s not done with giving her her birthday gift yet! free porn Girls Way - Aidra Fox, Jill Kassidy Birthday Surprise sex tube

Girls Way - Aidra Fox, Jill Kassidy Birthday Surprise
2018-10-14 20:12:44

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